3 Ways to Not be Lonely on Valentine’ s Day

Episode 28,  Feb 12, 2021, 05:06 AM

All your friends are having babies and you’re single. All your family members keep asking when you’ ll bring someone home and you’ re still single. All of the men/ women who seemed okay now seem like a better option because you’ re still single. It may seem like everyone is advancing while you are still in this season of singleness. Let’s keep it straight up- it may feel lonely at times. Gabby shares how to fix your perspective from loneliness to singleness.

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Reference Video: How to Be Happily Single


(3:50) Change your perspective of singleness. 

(5:08) You have to change your perspective. 

(6:15) You have to fall in love with God (over and over again). 

(9: 25) Sometimes we don’ t miss the person, we miss what we are used to.

(10: 50) How to Pull Away from Someone 

(12: 20) It’ s time to start moving. 

(12:50) Learn a new skill! 

(15:08) Think about who you want to be years from now, are you becoming this person now?

(16:15) Do everything now that it would be hard to do at the next phase of life. 

(19:20) Just travel. 

(21:05) Look at this season of singleness with bliss. 

John 14: 27 
Proverbs 31