Thursday, February 11: The Things We Regret Buying And Selling; Legalized Marijuana In CT; Family Feud Chaos

Feb 11, 2021, 06:22 PM

Chaz and AJ were discussing their biggest regrets about buying or selling things, and Mark in the oil truck made them feel better with a story about his Mickey Mantle cards. Then, Jennifer was on with a story about Barbie. (0:00)
Joe LaChance "the weed guy" sounded very optimistic about legalized marijuana coming to the state soon. The Governor announced it is a part of his budget plans, Joe explains how it would work, and how soon we can start buying once it passes. (8:40)
A little controversy led to a fun segment and a failed game. Chaz and AJ were trying to complete the second round of Family Feud, but the Tribe participation was problematic. Beefman, on AJ's team, wouldn't wait his turn and Jennifer, on Ashley's team, started to tease Chaz for unrelated matters. (19:55)
Comedian Joe Matarese talks about the weirdness of Zoom comedy shows, and why he hates Zoom calls with his friends. (26:32)

Image Credit: KvitaJan / iStock / Getty Images Plus