Fast Talkers 23: Theamusante, _SuperGT & Baldwin.

Season 1, Episode 4,  Feb 12, 2021, 03:46 PM

It's a SIM SPECIAL edition of the Fast Talkers podcast - not only do we chat Hamilton, Alonso, Portimao and our favourite F1 tracks but we get into the highs and lows of esport with our highly talented sim racing panel.

Joining Motorsport Broadcaster Jennie Gow this week:
Thea Boucq - aka Theamusante
James Baldwin - World's Fastest Gamers and British GT driver
Steve Alvarez Brown - aka _SuperGT

From lockdown blues to kit set up, we get a guided tour of these players rigs - we find out just how much time, dedication and money it takes to get yourself online and beat the best and how many racers are crossing over to the real tarmac.

There's plenty of motorsport news to chat about too with Fernando Alonso returning to the sport but breaking his jaw, Hamilton finally signing his contract - but will this be his last dance in F1 or any motorsport? And Portimao is set to return to the calendar this season but what are the pick of the tracks for the panel?

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