Truth Talk: How Social Media Is Affecting Us Emotionally

Feb 15, 09:00 AM
I don't think it is a surprise that social media has become a source of information and encouragement; a place we seek to find our identity and validation on our beliefs and what we feel. 2020 took many of us for a loop in our ability to communicate in person, which led us to pick up our phones instead of picking up a hand and looking someone in the eyes. 

I felt this shift happening. It seemed as though we began to turn into two people in the same body - who we were online and who we were offline. As I began to observe two personalities forming, I also realized how it was hurting us emotionally.

In this episode, I’m asking you some questions to help you analyze how you’re using social media. This analysis is nothing more than a starting point for us to realize that social media is a great tool to use when used right with wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.

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