ONE LOVE - The story of Bob Marley in Ibiza in 1978

Episode 93,   Feb 14, 2021, 09:05 AM

Happy Valentines Day...

What better way, when it feels like the world needs a collective hug, to start, with a man in history who did that pretty well with his words, his reggae lyrics and everything he stood for on stage? 

That man was Mr Robert Nesta Marley, a man who graced these fine white sands back in 1978 for a very special one off gig, which we are lucky to have part of the LIVE recording of in todays One Love Valentines special episode. 

It was captured in the crowd by a fan at the old Bull Ring in Es Pratet.

It is not recorded live from stage or pro style and it has definitely not been captured in the VIP area either. 

All the interviews have also not been done in quality, due to the circumstances, so today we ARE coming to your ears, raw, rugged and rebellious. But it is the REAL DEAL and thats the number one thing most people admired about Bob Marley.

We speak to the man who played a big part of organising the show on June 28th 1978, Jose Pascuale who is Preseident of the DJ Awards.  We also hear from  Fransec Fabregas  -  the photographer  standng on the tarmac to greet Bob and The Wailers as they landed more then 40 years ago.

We hope you enjoy todays podcast and feel the LOVE and Good Vibes We wish to share : One LOVE.  

Produced & Presented by Jo Youle 
Reset Rebel Productions

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