Jemma Kerr

Episode 3,  Feb 19, 2021, 12:03 AM

On this episode, Charlotte is speaking with Jemma Kerr. As a baby, Jemma spent 3 months in foster care before being adopted by her Mum and Dad. When she was picked up from the social work office, she was dressed in a blue hat, yellow cardigan and a pink baby grow. The family, the sense of belonging and the fondness for eye catching, brightly coloured fashion is something that has stayed with Jemma throughout her whole life. As Jemma got older, she began to understand that being adopted makes up a huge part of her identity and this was a contributing factor for her going onto to complete a degree in Social Work, before working in the residential care sector. Since then, Jemma has become a beloved advocate for Care Experienced people in North Ayrshire and is the voice of love at Who Cares? Scotland's annual Summer Camp.