Inside a Book Doctor with Dr. Steve Halliday

Feb 16, 2021, 07:11 PM

OC Talk Radio Show: If you are not a reader, you may be tempted to hang up, turn off, or otherwise ignore this show when you hear the title "Inside a Book Doctor." I encourage you not to because we will look at some things that may confirm suspicions you have about books, or at least I hope we will. Books are funny things.Many years ago I started a church that grew in numbers year after year. Many of our new members were converting to faith after years, if not a lifetime, of rather casual attitudes toward God, the Church, the Bible, and Jesus himself. Their conversions seemed as authentic as could be, with newfound excitement to learn about God’s word, develop lifestyles as believers, and reform their views of the world and their families. It was exciting.But then something happened. Some of these people started showing up to church with really weird views and even stranger questions. An inordinate amount of interest in the Book of Revelation and Daniel seemed to be a common thread. Where were they getting this stuff? I was the only pastor they had ever had, provided the only teaching they had sat under in a church context.Some took this even further and started to become quite judgmental of others who didn’t believe as they believed about all kinds of things. Questions concerning the rapture and demon possession arose. It was causing quite a stir. I was befuddled. What was I doing wrong? It caused me no small amount of insecurity and sleepless nights.But it didn’t take extraordinary investigative skills to discover that Christian Radio, TV, and Christian Bookstores were not my friend as a pastor. With the sincerest of motives, many of these new converts were simply looking to learn more about their faith and tuning into things to enrich their Christian growth. Books with pretty covers and enticing titles were bought from the local Christian bookseller to supplement what they were getting from their local church.So this young pastor embarked upon a journey to teach discernment to my congregation. Not everything with cover and the name of Jesus is true. Not everyone with a microphone and title in front of their name is worth listening to.So how are we to know? How do Christian books get into print? What’s the real story? Today we have one eminently qualified to give us an insider's view.Welcome, book doctor, Dr. Steve Halliday, to Church Hurts And.