The Big Boo Cast, Episode 223

Feb 18, 02:00 AM
This week we talk all about Melanie's Winter Extravaganza (TM) in San Antonio, which leads to a discussion about potential winter meals and our preparation (or lack thereof) for winter weather snacks. I also chronicle my Marvel Movie Plan (also TM but not really), and you'll be delighted (though not at all surprised) to hear me confuse the Captain America and Captain Marvel movies when I discuss what I've been watching. Bless my heart.

On top of all that, I share my Five Favorites this week, and next week - don't miss it! - because Good Apple author Elizabeth Passarella will be with us. 

Enjoy, y'all!

Show Notes:

Our Beauty Favorites episode on Patreon (complete with a Google Doc!)

- Ted Lasso on Apple TV+


- The WandaVision Marvel Catch-up Viewing Plan (I said "Captain Marvel" instead of "Captain America" a solid three times in the episode, which really tracks in terms of my overall literacy in this area)

1) Avengers: Age of Ultron

2) Captain America: Civil War (I misidentified this one in the episode because SKILLZ)

3) Avengers: Infinity War

4) Ant Man & the Wasp

5) Captain Marvel

6) Captain America: Winter Soldier (also misidentified in the episode) (not necessary for WandaVision but oh-so-enjoyable)

7) Avengers: Endgame

- $10-ish Walmart sweatshirt (my wintertime companion) - and in plus sizes

- Always Pan by Our Place (we both have pondered this one)


- Apostrophe (use code BIGBOO to get $15 off)

- Hello Fresh (use code BIGBOO10 for 10 free meals and free shipping)

- Munk Pack (use code BIGBOO for 20% off your purchase)