Kac Young, 2.21.21 - Living the Faery Life - hidden wonders

Feb 18, 2021, 11:00 PM

Do you believe in fairies? Could it be the answer depends on when and if you encounter one...?

Living the Faery Life: A Guide to Connecting with the Magic, Power and Joy of the Enchanted Realm. Amazon

Bio: Author Kac Young is a three-doctorate, prolific author who has studied world religions extensively and has worked in television for over thirty years. In writing Living the Faery Life she draws upon the ancient wisdom of her Celtic roots.

: Kac Young is also a licensed Religious Science Minister, a Certified Archetypal Therapist and Counselor; a Certified Meditation Teacher; a Career Coach for aspiring actors and directors; and a former pilot of private airplanes. She is a certified Medical Qigong instructor at Centric Qigong.

Living the Faery Life is a must-read for everyone who has an interest in faeries. In this magical yet practical book Kac Young has woven together stories, myths, and personal anecdotes with the practicalities of which plants, crystals and essential oils could attract faeries into your life. An informative, inspirational, compelling and joyful read.” - Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Kac examines the historical and cultural background of faeries in different societies. She also shares personal experiences and offers instructions on how to set the scene for establishing a relationship with faeries.

(Wendy) My take away from reading Kac's book and our conversation: Her message is informative, entertaining and inviting and includes recipes for attracting faeries in your space.

I love the story about the Apple People. (Paranormal.)

One can design a new framework for viewing the natural world that includes doors and windows to parallel realities - where those who have a knack for remaining elusive - are ready to welcome humans willing to develop their PSI senses and to appreciate and honor the different rule sets that govern magic realms (sometimes hidden in plain sight).

Respect for all life is key. Actions speak louder than words. While they might be invisible to us - we are not invisible to them.   


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