The Red Tractor consultation on proposed new standards

Feb 22, 07:00 AM
The evidence suggests shoppers are becoming increasingly curious about where their food comes from.
Red Tractor says the logo is seen on around £14bn worth of food products sold each year, and many retailers incorporate the logo on their advertising as the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme famously covers from farm-to-fork. 
Behind the scenes, 46,000 farms are members and inspected by independent assessors and standards enforced by the Red Tractor team. Chief Executive Jim Mosely joins the podcast to explain proposed changes to standards and the chance farmers and stakeholders have to be a part of the consultation. 

Jim Moseley says the consultation is genuine and Red Tractor are listening but it’s fair to say some members have not welcomed the proposals – hear the facts behind this story.

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Podcast produced and edited by Aisha Shabnam