Thursday, February 18: Who's In The Next Vaccine Round; Freak Accident Stories; The Newest Dumb TikTok Trend - The Hot Wax Challenge

Feb 18, 2021, 03:47 PM

The next round of vaccines are set to go out in Connecticut, but there's some confusion over who exactly is included in the group. Plus, a collection of serious weather events around the country, but one dude just had to go out to get corn dogs. (0:00)
Freak accident stories. Chaz and AJ saw a story about a barber that stabbed himself with scissors, and asked the Tribe to call in their freak accident stories. (16:31)
Dumb Ass News - The hot wax challenge on TikTok is another dumb trend that has experts worried people will suffocate themselves. (24:49)
Rock photographer Bob Gruen was on to share some stories of working with big time rock bands like AC/DC, and some of his coolest memories from CBGBs. (36:04)

Image Credit: fokusgood / iStock / Getty Images Plus