Post-Liberal Religious Liberty (Guest: Author Joel Harrison)

Feb 28, 10:10 PM
The mainstream liberal understanding of religious liberty focuses on protecting individual autonomy and conscience.  But in his new book, Dr Joel Harrison argues for an “ecclesiological” account of religious liberty that focuses on religious associations and orienting notions of the public good toward forming communities of fraternity, solidarity, and charity.  This episode features an interview with the author about the present state, and a potential future, of religious liberty in the west.

Correction: I accidentally gave my guest a promotion during my introduction, and although it’s surely well-deserved, I apparently lack the authority to do so.  Dr Harrison is currently a Senior Lecturer, not an Associate Professor. 

You can find more about Joel and his work on his University of Sydney Staff Page.

More information about Post-Liberal Religious Liberty: Forming Communities of Charity can be found here on the Cambridge University Press website.

The two podcasts I mentioned in my closing are St. John’s Law School Center for Law and Religion’s Legal Spirits and Emory University’s Center for the Study of Law and Religion’s Interactions.

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