The Bilingual Market

Feb 21, 06:01 PM

The Chitshow Podcast Episode #65 - "The Bilingual Market"

In episode 65, we got friend of the show and talented DJ/producer/MC DJ PANiiQ AKA Adrian Lemon back! Listen in as we talk 2000s music being the best party/club music (38:42), say rest in piss to Rush Limbaugh (47:52), Dr. Dre's birthday/drama (49:40), classic/iconic hip hop album staples (52:24), Amy Cooper's charges being dropped (57:42), what's happening in Texas (1:01:42), two women pose as the elderly to get vaccinated (1:09:16), Mayweather's Rolex purchase for his 5 week old grandson (1:15:48), the new Mortal Kombat trailer (1:22:07), Leo asks is it possible to redo Mario/Street Fighter (1:25:34), Justice League The Snyder Cut (1:31:14), Wandavision getting crazy (1:41:24), we talk briefly about the Lisa Lam doc (1:52:10), Danny watched Soul (1:55:30), we talk gaming (1:58:26), and more! We also talk/feature (13:34) music from Mogwai, SG Lewis, slowthai, Ghetts, Cassandra Jenkins, Katy Kirby, Fritz, The Hold Steady, Arlissa, and Abbie Ozard. Our intro music is "ROXANNE ft. Swae Lee (Remix)" by Arizona Zervas & "Praise The Lord ft. Skepta" by A$AP Rocky and our outro music is "Buttered Up ft. Juicy J" by Yung Gravy.

Adrian on social media: @djpaniiq
Danny on social media: @therealdanko
Danny on Twitch:
Leo on social media: @iamdjbrute
Leo's music:
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