The Big Boo Cast, Episode 224

Feb 25, 02:00 AM
It seems like it's been forever since we last said these words, but college baseball season is here! On this episode we talk about opening weekend for the Aggies and the Bulldogs, and we also discuss our weekend outings to the State / Alabama women's basketball game (me) and the San Antonio rodeo (Mel). Plus, Mel shares some ways we can all jump in and help Texans who are recovering from last week's ice storm.

AND. This week we get to spend some time talking with author Elizabeth Passarella. I mentioned her new book, Good Apple, on the podcast a few weeks ago (you may remember that I loved it), and Melanie and I were so excited to get to visit with her. You'll hear part of the conversation on this episode - the rest a few weeks down the road - and you are going to love her. Melanie and I had both talked to her for about three minutes when we realized that it felt like we've known her forever.

Hope y'all enjoy!

Show Notes:

- Mississippi State's new baseball uniforms with the "State" script (NBD but these might just be the best looking baseball uniforms in the country)

- Elizabeth Passarella

- Good Apple by Elizabeth Passarella (it's really wonderful!)


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