A musical afternoon in the Orange Garden

Feb 24, 06:42 PM
"Busking is very similar the world over. In most large cities you can find Peruvian flute players, Chinese erhu players, groups of drummers etc., besides the inevitable solo guitarists and violinists. 

This version of The Orange Garden suggests that we not be lulled into ignoring the forces around us: forces of war, forces of all-pervasive surveillance cameras and drones (although maybe the cameras aren’t hiding in the trees just yet). 

But also, if we persevere and stay aware, we will find new delights while walking through our poor old world, like the cellist beautifully playing the children’s classic song Pure Imagination. Special thanks to my wife Su for suggesting it!"

Piece by John Tenney as part of The Orange Garden project by Cities and Memory, in which multiple artists create a new composition using the same original field recording as source material and inspiration - see the whole project at http://www.citiesandmemory.com/orangegarden