Aranciata/Persephone awakes

Feb 25, 07:26 AM
"Aranciata is one of my favourite words, with the years it has expanded to encompass many personal things besides orange drink. Aranciata, arancia, orange, naranja, naranjada. The sun, the light, traces of the past, a spring long ago in a city that, as mine, also grows in layers. The Orange Garden recording made me think about the phantasmagoric, evocative dimension of sound. 

Ghosts, memories that make us resonate. 

This winter in lockdown has been too long and, paraphrasing Michael Marder, we wait on the verge for the arrival of spring. For this soundscape, I took the bells, the guitar and the rumor of water and mixed them in different frequencies with the vibration of a wine glass and my own voice (which in these times of social distancing has become subject of study). Here I continue exploring how cacophony and noise may produce for brief, elusive moments, strange beautiful harmonies.  

All gardens have something of chaos."

Piece by Martha Riva Palacio Obón as part of The Orange Garden project by Cities and Memory, in which multiple artists create a new composition using the same original field recording as source material and inspiration - see the whole project at