Satori in Orange

Feb 25, 07:41 AM
"When I was listening to original recording, some pleasant memories instantly came to my mind. Moments of epiphany, when everything is clear, spotless and matches perfectly. A certain deja vu, which felt like belonging to this particular place and this moment. Seeing into one's own true nature. Satori in the midst of an orange sunset.

The basis for composition is bits and pieces (deja vu's) of original recording processed through Mutable Instruments' Elements. Comb filter and resonator in it gave a nice feeling, almost like a warm blanket. Yet bright, clear and a bit sitar-ish as well. Tabla-like rhythm seems natural for it. After 90+ minutes of modular jamming it was rather hard to choose the best fragments but actual editing was fast and straightforward. Everything fell into place once again."

Piece by Vlad Suppish as part of The Orange Garden project by Cities and Memory, in which multiple artists create a new composition using the same original field recording as source material and inspiration - see the whole project at