Can't help falling...

Feb 25, 07:51 AM
"I liked the busker in the original and thus wanted to create some sort of loop of the guitar and voice and put some soft beats behind this. That was the basic idea of the track before I started to make it. Whilst attempting to do this, I used other elements of the field recording coming in and out in various places. It felt however like it needed more ideas.  

I therefore used a sample of some modular synth sounds (played by IKJoyce - with his permission - IKJoyce is a musician that I am currently collaborating with) and added some swooshing synth noises myself.  

"I felt also it needed a voice at the start to help frame the piece. I contacted my Italian friend Marco Alessi who runs Naviar Records and he agreed to record the voice you can hear at the start of the piece."

Piece by Audio Obscura as part of The Orange Garden project by Cities and Memory, in which multiple artists create a new composition using the same original field recording as source material and inspiration - see the whole project at