Thursday, February 25: Could Chaz And AJ Teach Drivers Ed; Jimmy Koplik; CT's New 4D Theater

Feb 25, 04:02 PM
Brandon Dufour of The Next Street driving school was on to let the Tribe know they are looking to hire 40 driving instructors, and then gave Chaz and AJ a test to see if they might qualify. (0:00)
Jimmy Koplik from Live Nation was on with encouraging news about summer concerts in Connecticut, and to unveil the official name of Bridgeport's amphitheater. Then the Tribe called in for stories from their favorite shows, including the time KISS blew out all the lights. (7:40)
Tina from the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk was on to talk about the new 4D movie theater, and Chaz and AJ tried to brainstorm some ideas for movies they could show. (29:21)

Image Credit: DavidPrahl / iStock / Getty Images Plus