Mortis The Devil's Reject and Noel Jason Scott

Feb 28, 01:25 PM
Shock Rocker Mortis the Devil's Reject and horror actor Noel Jason Scott joined Mark and Nicole for a frighteningly fun show

Mortis talked about how the pandemic altered his plans from having a world tour for his 2020 album Ra-Daer-Ot, which has led him to write a horror anthology series Mortis Nightmares as well as work on a new product based on Faust, for which he has generated custom masks as well as his aversion to garlic, which may or may nor prove once and for all that he is a vampire

Noel talked about picking up his acting career in his mid 40s and being one of the most sought after horror actor now, which has led him to 2 roles in the latest Puppet Master film Blade, The Iron Cross, what it is like to fight a puppet on screen, how he scares people periodically in Hollywood being dressed as a zombie, his upcoming feature role in Zombie VIII and how he's now become a bloody video game character

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