Migrant rights under Covid: the quiet battle for human dignity

Episode 72,   Feb 27, 2021, 01:43 PM

Britain's migrant workers are living through a huge moment of change. The country's immigration system has now fundamentally changed after the exit from the European Union and vast numbers of migrants have left Britain during the Coronavirus pandemic. Thousands of the most vulnerable EU nationals risk falling through the cracks and losing their right to remain as the settled status deadline looms. Meanwhile, despite a historic new level of immigration control, the Tory government appear desperate to find a new scapegoat with threats to clampdown on asylum seekers and activist lawyers. To take stock of these changes, and shed light on the quiet struggles underway for human dignity, hosts Zoe Williams and Luke Cooper are joined by Zoe Gardner, from the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants and Alena Ivanova, from the Another Europe office and Right to Stay campaign.