Listen to Your Gut (And Trust It) - Cathy Derksen, Founder, Inspired Tenacity

Mar 03, 2021, 08:57 PM

Cathy Derksen, Founder of Inspired Tenacity, is dedicated to improving the lives of the women in her community. She transformed her career from working as a lab technologist into financial planning so that she could focus her energy on helping others in a more direct manner. After digging deeper into her innate drive to be of service, she has added another level to her connection within her community. Cathy now provides online resources to assist women in discovering their deeper calling by adjusting their mindset and focus in order to reach their goals. She will help you clarify your next step and apply courage and inspired tenacity to live the life that brings you joy. Cathy is a two time Amazon #1 best selling author with three more books being released soon with stories that inspire the readers to take a leap of faith into reaching for their big goals.

Cathy lives in British Columbia, Canada. She enjoys spending time in nature, travelling, meeting new people, and connecting with her community around the world.