What's making us laugh? Part of the Leicester Comedy Festival

Season 3, Episode 39,  Mar 03, 2021, 06:09 AM

A special episode recorded live via streaming as part of the Leicester Comedy Festival in association with Next Up Comedy . Host Hatty Ashdown is joined by Gemma Beagley , Athena Kugblenu and Viv Groskop as well as a live zoom audience ! They talk ways to keep happy in lockdown and is it easier for comedians ? There's singing, finding amusement in annoying your partner , Masked Singer, event TV and sexy TV keeping us going . And for one of us lockdown has worked out very well . Although we couldn't have the sound up for the recording to hear the audience  it was so lovely to have all the audience happy laughing faces - thank you Leicester Comedy festival . 

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This show was recorded via Zoom & Edited by Joe Beagley

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