Swiss Army Man / Castello di Verduno ‘Basadone' Pelaverga

Mar 05, 08:00 AM

Scott & Jamie discuss the 2016 Sundance sensation about Daniel Radcliffe's farting, reanimated corpse, and the somm darling varietal Pelaverga.

How well does this somm darling grape pair with a buddy comedy about a farting, reanimated corpse and his suicidal best friend? Has Scott figured out what a “sweet” wine is yet? Will Jamie finally win our flavor notes game? Is a champagne cork the right stopper for your undead friend’s flatulent butt? Only one way to find out, folks.

  • SWISS ARMY MAN was written/directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schienert. It is currently available on VOD platforms and streaming free on Kanopy with a participating library membership.
  • Castello di Verduno 2019 Basadone is available (as of this episode’s release) at for $19.99 plus shipping.
  • Check out the Daniels’ short film “Dogboarding” on Vimeo:
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