Episode 292: MLB Win Totals with Andrew Caley

Mar 03, 10:29 PM
The Sharp 600 podcast welcomes Covers Senior Editor Andrew Caley to discuss MLB Win Totals and which teams have the best chance to either exceed or fall short of their Over/Under projection.

Andrew and host Rob Cressy discuss:

-They first talk about the NHL Golden Knights' partnership with a sports betting tout service that was widely criticized and then canceled 
-Advice on how to bet MLB futures
-How you should approach your bankroll strategy for season-long bets
-Why you should check out different sportsbooks for odds/projections 
-Which teams they think will hit the Over, like the Yankees
-Which teams they think will hit the Under, like the Tigers
-Why the Nationals are Andrew's favorite Over pick

You can find Andrew Caley on Twitter @Covers_Caley. Connect with Rob Cressy @robcressy on Twitter and send in your feedback, best bets and bad beats.

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