The Social Costs of Unequal Access to Abortions w/ Juliet Cuthbert Flynn

Mar 04, 03:11 AM
TRIGGER WARNING: This episode discusses sensitive topics, such as sexual violence and abortion. 
In most countries, abortion is considered a basic human right for all. However, in Jamaica, abortion is still illegal; where women can face life imprisonment with or without hard labour. This ban on abortion has created social inequity, where women, usually young and poor, are accessing illegal abortions, which often have grave consequences
In this episode we speak with and celebrate former Jamaican athlete turned politician, Minister Juliet Cuthbert Flynn, who has spearheaded the movement to legalise abortion. We discuss her history as an athlete, her transition to politics and how the diaspora can join her efforts to ensure basic reproductive rights for all Jamaican women.
More information on the legal status of abortion in Jamaica: 
Please share this information in order to play your part in bringing about this much needed change to legislation, using the hashtag #legaliseabortioninja
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