03 | The 4 primal codes

Mar 04, 03:33 AM
There 4 primal codes which are the foundation of life itself.
In this episode, you will discover tools to apply the 4 codes of love, abundance, connection and freedom so you may live in alignment with your soul blueprint. Accelerate your soul's evolution, ascension and fully anchor your soul's mission!
We are going deep into Quantum Architecture by using some simple and effective pathways to apply these teachings to our everyday lives.
So you align fully to your soul NOW 
And start experiencing your best life, in ALL areas!!!
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More info can be found on my website cendrines.com

This episode covers:

  • What the 4 primal codes are
  • How I discovered the 4 primal codes on a journey in the quantum
  • The 12 codes of the cosmic heart
  • Simple tools to embody the 4 primal codes
  • How to codes that are fully activated & which codes are not in your life
  • The pathway of evolution
  • How these 4 frequencies dance together
  • The embodiment of quantum teachings

Extra resources & links:

I am your host Cendrine, ascension and mission mentor and trance channel to the 9D Arcturian Council of Light.  
Together we will learn about the infinite quantum and galactic realms so we can embody more of our multidimensionality and accelerate our ascension.
Let’s reclaim our freedom and recode our reality!

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