Women call for equality ahead of International Women's Day

Mar 06, 09:21 AM
Women in leadership in South Sudan, are calling for equality as they prepare to celebrate the International Women's Day on Monday.
Speaking on the Roundtable Discussion on Saturday with Miraya's Sani Martin, Defense Minister Angelina Teny said women are faced with numerous challenges on a daily basis. She said society needs to create a secure environment for all women regardless of their gender or struggles of life.
For her part, Dr. Awel Mawien Atem, Deputy Speaker of Transitional Legislative Assembly said for too long women have been restricted to staying at home. She wants government and the communities to focus on other essential roles women continue to play in the society. 
Meanwhile, Gladys Jambi, UNMISS Gender Affairs Officer says UNMISS is working tirelessly to protect the women and girls from harmful cultures and practices.