How Will PlayStation Answer Xbox Game Pass/Cloud Gaming? | TYQ324

Mar 08, 05:53 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about PS+ vs Game Pass, PS3 games on PS5, backward compatibility, GTAVI, developer collaborations, Soulja boy's console, Starlink, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- How will PlayStation answer Xbox Game Pass/Cloud Gaming?
- Will we see more PS3 exclusives come to current-gen systems?
- How necessary is backward compatibility on current-gen?
- Which games did not deserve to get remastered/remade?
- Will you buy GTAVI if it’s watered down?
- Which developers need to collaborate?
- When did you know gaming would be your lifelong hobby?
- Have you ever bought/recommended a game for a friend?
- Will Soulja Boy’s new console actually release?
- Can Starlink improve online gaming?

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