Dyno-Rod and the Supremes

Mar 09, 09:22 AM
Planet Porky is racing through the Solar System once again as Mike Parry and Lesley-Ann Jones guide you through another podcast.

On today's episode they discuss: having a 'day' for everything, Philip Geddes, Louise Redknapp's loneliness, the dinner party experience for single women compared to single men, Eddie Grant, Romancing the Stone, muddy potatoes, Gary Numan, marrying your stalker, faking autographs, beating diabetes, having a sweet tooth, the impact of Harry and Meghan's interview on the future of the Royal Family, Nicholas Cage's lack of talent, Dennis Nilsen, and why Porky thinks Eddie the Eagle shouldn't have been celebrated as a hero. It's the podcast that gets to the nub of the stories - it's Life on Planet Porky. 

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