Tracks of My Life with Miles Hilton-Barber

Mar 09, 07:00 PM

Tracks of My Life is a show on RNIB Connect Radio presented and produced by Toby Davey where he invites a guest to take us on a journey through their life, sharing the tracks that mark important moments which bring back memories to them.

Their chosen tracks of their life might include the first track they can remember hearing, the first track they bought, a number of tracks that mark moments in their life and the final track, a track that they would like to pass on which might give people hope for the future.

In this trimmed down podcast version of Tracks of My Life Toby is joined by Miles Hilton-Barber. Miles is a blind adventurer who has certainly travelled around the world, taking on many challenges and breaking records at the same time too. 

Since the age of 50 Miles has set numerous world records, undertaking extreme events across all seven continents of the world through mountaineering, desert and polar ultra-marathons, power-boat racing, scuba-diving, motor-racing and long distance, aerobatic and supersonic flying, to name just a few!

Through Miles Tracks of My Life we will go on a journey with him around the world. From his early life growing up in South Africa, hitch-hiking around Australia with a friend taking up 14 full-time jobs before the age of 21. Realising at the age of 21 that he was going to lose his sight like his brother, with not much support out there that Miles could see at the time.

And we will hear that after a bit of inspiration from a trip his brother did Miles decided to pick himself up and test his mind and body in many of the record breaking adventures and achievements he has done over the years.
Challenges have included ultra-marathons to a trip round the world with two other disabled friends that notched up quite several modes of transport and broke a couple of world records on the way too.

You can catch the hour-long version of Tracks of My Life with Toby’s guest’s music tracks in full by tuning in to RNIB Connect Radio every Tuesday at 7pm, repeated on Thursday at 1pm and Sunday at 8pm. 

For more about Miles Hilton-Barber do visit his website -

Image shows- “Miles smiling in Antarctica during his bid to be the first blind person to manhaul a sledge to the South Pole.”