Wednesday, March 10: Chaz And AJ's Movie Make-Over; A Tribe Member Wins Big At Mohegan Sun; Dumb Ass News

Mar 10, 2021, 04:06 PM

Cancel culture has threatened a lot of movies we enjoyed in the past. Chaz and AJ enlisted movie critic Joe Meyers and the Tribe to help their "Movie Makeover." The Tribe nominate a movie they think cancel culture may target next, Joe Meyers explains which part of the movie is most troublesome today, and Chaz and AJ work to "fix" the scene to save the movie for future generations. The first nomination, Blazing Saddles, proved to be especially difficult. (0:00)
Tribe member Rob recently won a ton of money at Mohegan Sun. Rob was on the phone to explain the game he was playing, why the table had to be shut down for two hours after his big win, and the first thing he wants to buy with the prize money. (19:32)
Dumb Ass News - Would you let your friend cut off your wiener just to go viral? Two geniuses tried this, it worked, but now one of them is in jail. (32:07)

Image Credit: welcomia / iStock / Getty Images Plus