The hosts of Stars-Stunts-Action

Mar 14, 09:12 AM

Stunts, Martial Arts, Action Movies, David Carradine, Anthony DeLongis, Gene Lebell, Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager, Jet Li, Bai Ling

Mark and Nicole welcomed the hosts of the tubi show Stars-Stunts-Action: Anthony DeLongis, James Houston and Jason McNeil to the lighter side of the dark side for a testosterone filled good time filled with great show business stories

Anthony talked about the time he was challenged to a death match by David Carradine, the rigors of getting made up as an alien when he was on Star Trek Voyager, what it is like squaring up with Jet Li and how he has become an expert at tomahawk throwing and bullwhips. James talked about his past life as a bounty hunter, what it was like getting "run over" by a motorcycle for the show, how he made Wolverine claws from scratch and what it takes to be a stuntman. Jason talked about doing photoshoots with Lou Ferrigno, getting choked out by legendary martial artist Gene Lebell, the challenges of putting a remote mike on a scantily clad Bai Ling and the rush of doing stunts both on and off the show as well as why the "Trucker Buddy" makes such a great gift.

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