Monday, March 15: Weekend Fires Across The State; Why Erin Stewart Isn't Running For Governor; Dumb Ass News

Mar 15, 2021, 03:06 PM

Multiple fires broke out across the state over the weekend, with one of the largest in Southbury. Chaz and AJ had Southbury Fire Captain Richard Volpe on the phone to talk about the insane effort to contain the flames, and how fires like this are started despite all of the melting snow. (0:00)
Gianni Russo was on to talk about the fettucine cook-off he had, that completely ruined a celebrity's dining room after a food fight. (11:54)
New Britain mayor Erin Stewart will not be running for Governor. Chaz and AJ had her on to explain why. (22:23)
Dumb Ass News - A woman on TikTok wanted to surprise her husband, so she put on some lingerie. Too bad he was not the first person to walk through the door. (36:55)

Image Credit: Eisenlohr / iStock / Getty Images Plus