Episode 185 - Michael Neff of The Cottonmouth Club

Mar 18, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Matt Harris to discuss the latest happenings in the Houston food scene including Crawfish & Noodles opening a 2nd location, Lance Fegen's return, and the closing of Original O.K.R.A. Charity Saloon. In the Restaurants of the Week section Kanau Sushi is featured. In the Guest of the Week portion Eric is joined by Michael Neff of The Cottonmouth Club. Eric and Michael have an extended conversation regarding Governor Greg Abbott's decision to lift all restrictions in Texas. Michael speaks with Eric about the position that bars are in now due to this ruling, why he didn't make The Cottonmouth Club, his efforts in advocating for the bar community during the pandemic, what it would take to reopen The Cottonmouth Club safely, concerns about downtown, the types of customers they dealt with early on in the pandemic, and appearing in John Oliver's opening segment recently.

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