The Big Boo Cast, Episode 227

Mar 18, 01:00 AM
On this week's episode Melanie and I talk about how we're dealing with the things that signal Ye Olde Passage of Time - like Caroline's dorm room decor and Alex's 18th birthday. We also discuss some things we've been watching, and I of course feel like I need to rehash some recent Mississippi State baseball developments.

Just a heads up about next week: on Monday we'll have the latest installment of our new Five Questions bonus series, but there won't be a new regular episode next Thursday (it's Spring Break in Birmingham, so I am going to try to catch up on book edits). We'll be back the following week with two new episodes - a bonus episode on Monday, March 29th, and Episode 228 on Thursday, April 1st. There will also be a new Patreon episode that comes out this Friday, March 19th. 

Thanks so much for listening, everybody! Hope you enjoy!

Show Notes:

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