Cameron Morse: The Poetry of Confession

Season 3, Episode 29,  Mar 19, 01:18 AM

What can we learn from reading the Confessions of St. Augustin? In this interview Tresha asks Cameron Morse to discuss his latest book, Far Other, titled after a line from St. Augustin. Cameron discusses his interest in the Confessional Tradition, how it began around 300's BC, and what it can still teach us today about the value of an "ordinary" individual telling their personal story.

We discuss our evolving understanding of what it means to be born a human being, to search after something greater, to reflect on and tell our own stories. We also discuss the role that "play" has in poetry, and Cameron tells us how using words and finding the pleasure in words themselves helps him find a sense of freedom in writing his poetry. He'll share some samples of his writing, as well as his re-writing strategies that will help you find the play in your poetry too.