Barbara Mango, 3.21.21 - Interconnection of the Extraordinary + UFO. 1966. Shawnee, KS

Mar 19, 2021, 02:41 AM

The gradual acceptance of Consciousness as non-local and why the first hand accounts of experiencers are just as important as the physics in the research of anomalous events. Experience matters.

Barbara Mango is a lifelong experiencer. She remembers Non Human Intelligence contact from early childhood. She also has past life memories and talks about what it was like as a 6 year-old reliving the past life death of a woman while trying to understand what that was about - and having no one to confide in.

The Interconnection of Extraordinary Experiences, by Barbara Mango, Ph.D., and Lynn Miller, MS. Lynn remembers lifelong spontaneous OBE journeys. Inspired by William Buhlman, she learned to self-initiate the process.

OBE, NDE, Ghosts, Paranormal, Spirit Communication, Contact, UFO, Past Life, Telepathy, Spiritually Transformative Experiences. Consciousness. The focus is on incorporating the experiencer's input to the science for a more representational and accurate account of anomalous/extraordinary experiences.

Barbara was 10 years old when she saw a UFO. 1966 in Shawnee, KS. She says it was HUGE. But there was no one to talk to about that event at the time so she kept it to herself. In finally connecting with others who have had similar experiences and realizing she isn't alone - or weird - etc., she is finally sharing that story and how amazing it was to see something so incredible.

Although the entire neighborhood witnessed the event, it simply wasn't a topic of everyday conversation at the time.

In her desire to include supportive evidence, Barbara took on the tedious task of locating that sighting in the Project Blue Book records. She also tracked down a copy of the weather conditions on the day of the sighting.  (Link to that info will be added HERE.)

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