Fantasy Free Agency Frenzy (aka The Eye of the Storm)

Mar 19, 02:52 PM
Marcas Grant and Michael F. Florio are back for a new edition of the NFL Fantasy Football Podcast! In this special episode, the hosts break down the fantasy impact of all of the NFL's free agency moves at the start of the new league year. The hosts kick off the show by discussing remaining free agents on the market such as Kenny Golladay, Kyle Rudolph and Leonard Fournette, and which ones are most surprising to see still available (2:42). Next, Marcas and Michael react to the biggest news of the week, including the New England Patriots massive hull of new signings (5:15) and Allen Robinson receiving a franchise tag from the Chicago Bears against his will (18:43). Then, the hosts dive into the fantasy impact of a few other transactions, such as Jameis Winston's extension with the New Orleans Saints (28:58) and Aaron Jones' extension with the Green Bay Packers (32:32). Finally, the hosts end the show discussing which players stocks are up or down, including names such as Rob Gronkowski of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jamaal Williams of the Detroit Lions (49:22).
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