Potatoes: How to optimise irrigation to reduce soil erosion

May 04, 06:00 AM
In this episode Antonia Walker, AHDB Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager, speaks to Nigel Simpson of Catchment Sensitive Farming about how following a best practice when it comes to irrigation can reduce soil erosion and mitigate pollution risks.

Host: Antonia Walker - AHDB Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager
Guest:  Nigel Simpson - Catchment Sensitive Farming Coordinator

Producer & Feedback
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The Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) partnership can support applications for Mid Tier capital grants to improve water and air quality in a high priority area. Some capital items require written support from a CSF Officer as part of the evidence requirement. Check the capital grant requirements to find our when this applies. If your holding is in a High Water Quality Priority Area, contact your local CSF Officer for advice by 31 May.

Each application will be done a case by case basis and more details can be found here.  Applicants will need to first check they are in a high water priority area. Please refer to the website for further details.


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