Ms. Arkansas

Mar 21, 10:37 AM
The show is an hour and 10 minutes

Stand up comedian Ms. Arkansas joined Mark and Nicole on the lighter side of the dark side.

Ms. Arkansas talked about how she doesn't mind some cream in her coffee (especially if it was Jeff Goldblum) how google confuses her with beauty pageant winners and Michael Jackson, the time Bruce Bruce hit on her, what it was like making the finals of Shaq's comedy contest when Shaq didn't even show up, how MC Serch of 3rd Bass gave her fashion advise on his short lived talk show, improving on Bill Cunningham's show, turning down a chance to be on Jerry Springer, and how a chance meeting with Mo'Nique led to her killing an oddly mixed crowd at The Apollo.

She also talked about her wig collection, gold tooth and educated Mark and Nicole what a "coochie cutter" was...

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