Episode #65 – The Future of Work : Post Covid-19 : Susan Lund

Mar 23, 10:22 AM

Susan Lund
Today's guest is Susan Lund, partner of McKinsey & Company and a leader of the McKinsey Global Institute. Teresa McQueen talks with Susan about the Future of Work : Post Covid-19. Many employers and employees have faced challenges over the past year, but what will the future hold for the workforce? Listen to the episode to hear about McKinsey's recent study.
"There is work, but it is going to be different work and in general, it's specialized skills"
"It's been really hard for new employees to join a new organization and work only via Zoom"
"It's a mindset shift"
- Susan Lund
Check out the McKinsey Global Institute's report mentioned in today's podcast :
What 800 Executives Envision for the Postpandemic Workforce
What's Next for Remote Work : an Analysis of 2000 Tasks 800 Jobs and Nine Countries
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