Episode 186 - Linda Nguyen of Roostar Vietnamese Grill

Mar 25, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by the Swanky Maven herself Felice Sloan of Swanky Beauty Bar to discuss some of the latest news from the Houston bar and restaurant scene including famed Burt's Meat Market closing, Omar Pereney's new culinary consulting company, and Vanessa Lomeli bringing some El Paso to The Heights with her new restaurant The 915. In the Restaurants of the Week section Killen's in The Heights (or inside the loop) is featured as well as a discussion regarding places for a good steak night. In the Guest of the Week portion of the podcast, Eric is joined by Linda Nguyen of Roostar Vietnamese Grill. Linda speaks with Eric about how she became interested in the restaurant business, developing the idea for Roostar Vietnamese Grill, utilizing family recipes for some of the different dishes, items that they've adapted after getting customer feedback, embracing the moniker of Boss Lady, creating a culture with their employees, deciding on whether to expand, and more!

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