05 | Quantum worlds: What are they and how to access them

Mar 25, 05:20 AM
Let's de-jargon all that is being shared about "Quantum", so you can get a better understanding of the evolution of spirituality and how you can get on that wave yourself.
Learn about what quantum means in the microcosm and macrocosm,
What "quantum jump" is and how timelines work.
Learn how to shift your vibrations so you increase your frequency and can start connecting with star races and light beings.
Learn how the world of science is shifting, helping us shift our conscious mind to get greater access to all that life has to offer,
And much more!
I'm happy to share freely with you all,
May you receive effortlessly.
With Love,

This episode covers:
  • The quantum vocabulary
  • Moving from the Newtonian paradigm of separatism to the connected quantum
  • Mind-blowing facts and theories about the quantum
  • The observer effect and how to use it 
  • How to manifest and receive downloads using the quantum 
  • Quantum jumping realities by consciously choosing the highest timeline 
  • Massive quantum leaps I have made
  • Working with star races in the quantum
  • How to start accessing the quantum through meditation
  • Working with higher vibrations to access new realities and ascended light beings
  • Live Q&A with me

Extra resources & links:

𐁉 Bonjour!
I am your host Cendrine, ascension and mission mentor and trance channel to the 9D Arcturian Council of Light.  
Together we will learn about the infinite quantum and galactic realms so we can embody more of our multidimensionality and accelerate our ascension.
Let’s reclaim our freedom and recode our reality!

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