Alien RPG - Destroyer of Worlds - Episode 01 "Larry's Bear Claw"

Episode 1,   Apr 01, 2021, 10:00 AM

* Disclaimer - This is a pretty rough episode from a sound engineering standpoint. This was one of our first attempts to record an episode and we had some real problems. So if you are really interested please listen but don't judge us on this audio. It gets noticeably better by Episode 4 so if you want to skip this episode, we understand, but come back later to learn the origin of the bear claw.

Larry didn't like getting stuck on guard duty out in the insurgent compound’s courtyard. He didn't like the cold, the wind, and the snow. Larry was pretty sure he was going to freeze his ass off before his shift was over. Still, there was hope, because Larry had two very important things that were going to make this day alright: 1- A cup of piping hot coffee and 2- A fresh and delicious bear claw. Larry held up the bear claw ready to take that wondrous first bite of fresh pastry that would make him forget about his shitty luck...and then the Player Characters showed up.

Our Game Mother for this story is Nathan

Our Cast is:
  • Sean as Gunnery Sergeant Mason
  • Tyr as Private Hammer
  • Cupo as Sergeant Iona
  • Chris as Private Z
  • Matt as PFC Dante

Music for this episode is licensed from Dark Fantasy Studio. Sound effects were licensed from AudioJungle. 

Sessions were recorded on OBS, OBS Ninja, and Audacity. Editing was done with Reaper.

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