Lili Haydn

Mar 28, 08:00 AM

Lili Haydn, violin, More Love, Opium Moon, Grammy Awards, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Roger Waters, George Clinton, Herbie Hancock, Parliament-Funkadelic, Easy Money, Rodney Dangerfield, Joe Pesci, TED Talk

Mark and Nicole welcomed singer/violinist extraordinaire Lili Haydn to the lighter side of the dark side just as Lili's new album More Love comes out.

Lili talked about her unusual upbringing as the only child of groundbreaking comedian Lotus Weinstock in a commune, being a child star and starring with Rodney Dangerfield and playing Columbo's daughter, which paid for her first violin and an Ivy League education. A chance encounter on stage with her mother led to a musical career that has led her to play with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, The Rolling Stones, Parliment-Funkadelic, Roger Waters (headliing Coachella) and so many other big names. She recently won a Grammy Award with her band Opium Moon, which also features her husband, she also is a sought after film scorer with several Netflix projects, and just released her latest solo album More Love which is already getting a big buzz and airplay

She also talks about how she has cheated death twice (3 times if you include when she kicked Joe Pesci in the shins) and puts on eyeliner on the show to get in touch with her goth side...

Listen to Lili's new album "More Love" on Spotify and all music streaming services and visit for more music and inspiration

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