Does Sony Have a Responsibility to Preserve its Gaming History? | TYQ327

Mar 29, 05:41 AM

Tonight, we answer questions about Microsoft buying Discord, Sony's legacy, ID@Xbox, EVO, supersampling, hate playing games, cross-overs, gaming rivals, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- How can Microsoft best utilize Discord for its customers?
- Does Sony have a responsibility to preserve its gaming history?
- Which ID@Xbox games raised your interest from the showcase?
- Did Sony buy EVO to get Capcom fighters exclusively on PlayStation?
- Which franchises make you question why they’re still around?
- How does super-sampling work on 4K TVs?
- What thing would you remove from gaming history?
- Have you ever “hate played” a game just to see it through?
- What are the best/worst game crossovers ever?
- Have you ever wanted to quit gaming?
- Have you ever made a big deal out of defeating a gaming rival?

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