50 million Americans will experience food insecurity and hunger, what can be done to help?

Apr 01, 08:00 AM
As the US reels from the damage caused by COVID-19, one of the long-term impacts will be on food poverty and food security in the US. A staggering 50 million Americans will experience food insecurity, including 17 million children, a level of hunger not seen in the US since the Great Depression.

At Food Matters Live in March, a panel discussed the challenges the country faces as it tries to tackle inequality, and lack of access to healthy food, that sit in the way of building an inclusive food system. Taking part are Michael T. Roberts, Executive Director, Resnick Center for Food Law and Policy, UCLA, Danielle Nierenberg, President & Founder, Food Tank, Dr. Sally Rockey, Executive Director, Foundation for Food & Agriculture, Anne Byrne, Phd Student, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, Caitlin Welsh, Director, Global Food Security Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and Dr. Travis A. Smith, Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics, University of Georgia.

Join this special episode of Table Talk, hosted by Stefan Gates, that looks at the highlights from this fascinating live panel discussion.