Heather interviews Molly Donlan, a Crystal Healing Expert, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and TikTok superstar! Molly shares her journey to crystals and crystal healing and a bit of crystal basics.

Season 1, Episode 34,   Apr 02, 2021, 12:00 PM

Molly Donlan is a Reiki Master teacher, Crystal healing expert, yoga teacher, and co-owner of Metta Movement. As a self-proclaimed anatomy and neuroscience enthusiast, Molly’s teaching style is fueled by her fascination with renegotiating the mind/body connection and balancing the nervous system, while reminding folks to keep their approach to healing light-hearted.  
Molly began her yoga journey in 2014 to decrease the stress and burnout from an emotionally taxing career as an advocate for trauma survivors. She teaches from a trauma-informed lens and aims to create a safer space for students so that yoga, energy work, and meditation can be a soothing and healing resource for all. 
Molly believes that yoga is a practice for improving life off the mat: using these practices to recognize and renegotiate one’s inner relationship, cultivate loving-kindness towards the self, and extend that same compassion to others. 
In her spare time, Molly enjoys making TikTok videos, writing bad puns, and petting dogs.

TikTok: m0dizzl3
Instagram: m0dizzl3