Episode 187 - Warren Luckett of Black Restaurant Week

Apr 01, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Linda Salinas to discuss the latest batch of new restaurants announced that are on the way to the Houston area and in one case the Las Vegas area... and let's say it's a lot of new restaurants on the way. In the Restaurants of the Week portion Tiny Champions is featured. In the Guest of the Week section Eric is joined by Warren Luckett of Black Restaurant Week. Warren speaks with Eric about how he started Black Restaurant Week, how does Black Restaurant work for the different restaurants that partcipate, how many are partcipating this year, the diverse spots that Black Restaurant Week highlights, taking Black Restaurant Week not only nationally but internationally, how they responded during the pandemic, offering business support, sponsor relationships, the culinary education compenet, the current state of black owned restaurants, where Houston ranks in terms of black owned restaurants, and much much more!

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